Bob Peretz Chess Club of Scarsdale, NY
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Please bring sets and clocks!

Tournament information:
Clocks will start at 7:10 at the latest.

The Center @ 862 (in basement of the building. Nail salon
and Real Estate Agency on street level)
862 Scarsdale Ave.
Scarsdale, NY

The playing site is just a few blocks away from the Scarsdale Metro
North Train station. (Harlem Line)

3 rounds game/25;delay/5
Format based on entries.
Entry fee: $20

Registration at 6:45. Round 1 will start around 7:00 pm.

Prizes: $50 winner of each quad section. $40 if less than 10 paid entries.
$50 First, $20 second in Swiss sections. $40 1st if less then 10 paid entries.


  • FM Leif Pressman won the 18th Annual Bruce Bowyer Grand Prix!
  • At the Grade Nationals: Congratulations to Max Lu winning 5th Grade on tie breaks, and to William Graif finishing 2nd in 11th grade section. Alexander Crump finished 13th. Edgemont HS headed up by Graif and Crump came in 2nd, only 1/2 point out of first.
  • FM Joshua Colas featured in Chess Drum!
  • IM Nicholas De Checa's IM title was confirmed by FIDE.
  • FM Joshua Colas earned his second IM norm at the World Open. He will be attending Webster University, where he will be participating in GM Susan Polgar's SPICE program.

    Recent Results

  • BPCC January: 1/29/2018
    William Graif 1st
  • BPCC November: 11/27/17
    Section 1: FM Leif Pressman 1st
    Section 2: Jose Leon 1st (gaining almost 100 rating points!); Jeremy Graham 2nd
  • BPCC October: 10/16/17
    Leif Pressman 1st
  • BPCC June: 6/26/2017
    Alexander Crump 1st
  • April Action: 4/3/2017
    FM Leif Pressman 1st; Eric Zhang, Michael Amori, Jeremy Graham 2nd-4th (tie)
  • March Action 1: 3/6/2017
    Section 1: FM Leif Pressman 1st
    Section 2: Christopher J. O'Connor 1st
    Section 3: Frederick J. Simpson, Joseph Mc Dermott, Jose Leon 1st (3-way tie)
  • Winter Break Action: 2/22/2017
    Section 1: FM Leif Pressman 1st; NM Maximillian Lu 2nd
    Section 2: Jeremy Graham 1st
  • 2/13/2017
    Section 1: NM Furqan Tanwir 1st; IM Justin Sarkar 2nd
    Section 2: Jeremy Graham 1st
  • 1/9/2017
    Section 1: FM Leif Pressman 1st
    Section 2: Jeremy Graham 1st
    Section 1: FM Leif Pressman 1st
    Section 2: Mike Amori 1st
    Section 3: Fred Simpson.
  • 12/5/2016
    FM Leif Pressman and NM Alexander Crump 1st (tie)